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Violence against Women in KentuckyA History of U.S. and State Legislative Reform$

Carol E. Jordan

Print publication date: 2014

Print ISBN-13: 9780813144917

Published to Kentucky Scholarship Online: September 2014

DOI: 10.5810/kentucky/9780813144917.001.0001

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(p.377) Appendix B Select anti-rape And Domestic Violence Legislation

(p.377) Appendix B Select anti-rape And Domestic Violence Legislation


Violence against Women in Kentucky
University Press of Kentucky

General Assembly

Bill Number

Recorded Sponsor (Party, District)

Subject Matter

Governor Louie B. Nunn (1967–1971)


SB 23

Sen. Walter Reichart (R, 34), J. C. Carter (R, 9)

Creation of the Kentucky Commission on Women

SB 193

Sen. Georgia Davis Powers (D, 33)

Minors’ right to consent to select medical procedures

Governor Wendell Ford (1971–1974)


SB 309

Sen. Georgia Davis Powers (D, 33)

Minors’ right to consent to select medical procedures expanded

HB 197

Rep. Bill Kenton (D, 75)

Initial creation of the Kentucky Penal Code

HB 461

Reps. Bill Kenton (D, 75), Ralph Graves (D, 1), John Swinford (D, 62)

Creation of the Kentucky Public Defender’s Office

Governor Julian M. Carroll (1974–1979)


SB 183

Sens. William L. Sullivan (D, 4), John C. Cornett (D, 29), Kelsey Friend (D, 31), Tom Garrett (D, 2), William Gentry Jr. (D, 14), Carroll Hubbard Jr. (D, 1), Gus Sheehan (D, 23)

Constitutional amendment to create new judicial article

SB 334

Sen. Michael R. Moloney (D, 13)

Funding for a unified court system


HB 232

Reps. Richard Lewis (D, 6), William Kenton (D, 75), Gross C. Lindsay (D, 11), Allen, Benson, Beshear, Hancock, Hopkins, Overstreet, Quickert, Stone

Creation of the final version of the Kentucky Penal Code


HB 143

Reps. James B. Yates (D, 44), Bob Benson (D, 33), Thomas B. Givhan (D, 49)

Creation of the statutory rape shield law

HB 432

Reps. Charles Wible (D, 13), Bobby Richardson (D, 23)

Unified court system: court of appeals

HB 438

Reps. Charles Wible (D, 13), Bobby Richardson (D, 23)

Unified court system: election of judges

HB 544

Rep. Charles Wible (D, 13)

Unified court system: role of chief justice

SB 15

Sens. Walter Baker (R, 9), Gus Sheehan (D, 23)

Unified court system: county courts to district courts

SB 58

Sen. David Karem (D, 35)

Creation of the Crime Victim Compensation Board

SB 162

Sens. William L. Sullivan (D, 4), Tom Garrett (D, 2)

Unified court system: supreme court

SB 230

Sens. David Karem (D, 35), Huff, Gibson, Stamper

Creation of the Adult Protection Act

SB 295

Sen. Tom Garrett (D, 2)

Creation of the Centralized Criminal Justice Information System


HB 501

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Addition of “spouse abuse” to Adult Protection Act

HB 496

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Mandate to create uniform reporting forms for law enforcement

HB 497

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Amendment to hospital licensure law to require hospitals with 24-hour emergency departments to make forensic rape examinations available

Governor John Y. Brown (1979–1983)


HB 86

Reps. Gerta Bendl (D, 34), J. lemaster (D, 72), A. McNutt (D, 3)

Authorization of warrantless arrest in cases of domestic violence

HB 87

Reps. Gerta Bendl (D, 34), J. lemaster (D, 72)

Early protective order

HB 779

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Adult Protection Act: removal of requirement that victims sign a statement prior to receiving protective services


HB 1

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Creation of involuntary commitment proceedings

HB 32

Reps. Roger Noe (D, 88), Richardson, Overstreet, Freibert, Priddy

Creation of provisions for criminal responsibility

HB 141

Rep. Gerta Bendl (D, 34)

Marriage license fee for spouse abuse center funding

HB 383

Reps. Ray Brown (D, 99), Cline, Cyrus, Stone

Creation of felony 3rd-degree assault when the person assaulted is acting in a professional capacity

HB 669

Reps. Gerta Bendl (D, 34), J. lemaster (D, 72)

Creation of crime of criminal abuse

Governor Martha Layne Collins (1983–1987)


SB 17

Sen. Michael R. Moloney (D, 13)

Creation of Domestic Violence and Abuse Act

HB 196

Rep. Marshall Long (D, 58)

Mandate that the state (not victims) pay for forensic rape examinations


SB 310

Sen. Ed O’Daniel (D, 14)

Creation of duty-to-warn responsibilities for mental health professionals


Rep. Thomas J. Burch (D, 30)

Expansion of funding for statewide spouse abuse centers (now domestic violence programs)

HB 8

Reps. William Donnermeyer Sr. (D, 68), Stephen C. Keith (R, 90), Pearl Ray Lefevers (D, 87)

Authorization for crime victims to speak before parole board


HB 76

Reps. Dottie Priddy (D, 45), Clark, Guenthner, Kerr, Lile, Reinhardt, Seum, Steward, Yates

Creation of violent offender statute

HB 263

Reps. Marshall Long (D, 58), Gerta Bendl (D, 34), Bill Lile (R, 28)

Creation of sexual assault counselor privilege

HB 311

Reps. Bill Brinkley (D, 10), Gerta Bendl (D, 34), Tom Riner (D, 41), Gregory D. Stumbo (D, 95)

Marital rape (attempt to expand types of cases to which the spousal exclusion would not apply)

HB 390

Reps. Fred Cowan (D, 32), Blevins, Caldwell, Harper, Johnson, Kerr, Lear, Nett, Priddy, Pritchett, Reinhardt, Richards, Riner, Seum

Creation of Crime Victim Bill of Rights

HB 535

Rep. Fred Cowan (D, 32)

Creation of sex offender treatment program

Governor Wallace G. Wilkinson (1987–1991)


HB 87

Rep. Thomas J. Burch (D, 30)

Expansion of definition of “family member” under Domestic Violence and Abuse Act and warrantless arrest statute

HB 288

Reps. Jon David Reinhardt (R, 69), Ray Altman (R, (51), Bin Lile (R, 28), Dan Seum (D, 38)

Removal of the term “earnest resistance” from rape statute

HB 345

Rep. Walter Blevins (D, 71)

Creation of family violence prevention curriculum for schools (removed with passage of KERA 2 years later)

HB 574

Rep. Walter Blevins (D, 71)

Minors’ right to consent to counseling under select conditions


HB 305

Sen. Tim Shaughnessy (D, 28)

Expansion of statutory deinition of “dangerous instrument” to include hands and feet

HB 38

Reps. Marshall Long (D, 58), Gregory D. Stumbo (D, 95)

Marital rape (removal of spousal exemption)


HB 214

Reps. William Lear (D, 79), Joe Clarke (D, 54)

Initial codification of Kentucky Rules of Evidence

Governor Brereton C. Jones (1991–1995)


SB 80

Sens. David Karem (D, 35), David lemaster (D, 25)

Requirement that domestic violence be considered as a factor in custody

SB 160

Sens. Michael R. Moloney (D, 13), Dick Roeding (R’24), David Karem (D, 35)

Expansion of definitional section of rape statute to include penetration with a foreign object

HB 115

Reps. Marshall Long (D, 58), Mark Farrow (D, 62)

Expansion of Domestic Violence and Abuse Act

HB 241

Reps. William Lear (D, 79), Joe Clarke (D, 54)

Final codification of Kentucky Rules of Evidence

HB 256

Rep. Richard Lewis (D, 6)

Expansion of statutory meaning of imminent danger as applied to domestic violence homicide cases

HB 445

Rep. Richard Lewis (D, 6)

Creation of crime of stalking

HB 481

Reps. Paul Mason (D, 91), Russell Bentley (D, 92)

Requirement for HIV testing of sex offenders

HB 631

Reps. Steve Riggs (D, 31), Gregory D. Stumbo (D, 95), Jon Ackerson (R, 47)

Requirement for DNA testing of sex offenders


SB 43

Sen. Jeffrey Green (D, 1)

Creation of Kentucky sex offender registry

SB 107

Sen. Gerald Neal (D, 33)

Strengthening response of licensure boards to acts of sexual misconduct by professionals

HB 95

Rep. Paul Mason (D, 95)

Creation of victim advocates in statute, including authorization to accompany victims in court proceedings

HB 96

Reps. Robert Damron (D, 39), Jesse Crenshaw (D, 77), William Donnermeyer (D, 68), Bill Lile (R, 28), Tommy Todd (R, 83)

Mandate for courts to order assessment of sex offenders


HB 115

Reps. Robert Damron (D, 39), Bill Lile (R, 28), Tommy Todd (R, 83)

Strengthening response of licensure boards to acts of sexual misconduct by professionals

HB 514

Reps. Jesse Crenshaw (D, 77), Robert Damron (D, 39), Porter E. Hatcher (D, 43), Paul Mason (D, 95)

Extension of insurance reimbursement to licensed psychologists and licensed clinical social workers to make mental health services more accessible to victims

Governor Paul E. Patton (1995–1999, 1999–2003)


SB 60

Sen. Michael R. Moloney (D, 13)

Authorization for pilot family court within circuit court

SB 105

Sen. Jeffrey Green (D, 1)

Full faith and credit for domestic violence protective orders

SB 108

Sen. Jeffrey Green (D, 1)

Statutory creation of the statewide victim notification system (VINE)

SR 47

Sen. Jeffrey Green (D, 1) and 19 cosponsors

Resolution to include domestic violence, rape, and child maltreatment in university curricula

HB 161

Reps. Gross C. Lindsay (D, 11), Jon Ackerson (R, 47)

Allow Commonwealth’s attorneys to become full-time prosecutors

HB 309

Reps. Steve Nunn (R, 23), Paul Mason (D, 91), Michael D. Bowling (D, 87), Thomas J. Burch (D, 30), Mary Lou Marzian (D, 34), Ruth Ann Palumbo (D, 76), Ernesto Scorsone (D, 75)

Creation of certification for mental health professionals who treat domestic violence offenders; expansion of domestic violence training mandates

HB 310

Reps. Michael D. Bowling (D, 87), Geveden, Callahan, L. Clark, D. Graham, Jenkins, Lile, Marzian, Mason, Nunn, Palumbo, Rapier, Richards, Stengel, Stumbo

Domestic Violence Omnibus Crime Bill


HB 315

Reps. Paul Mason (D, 91), Nunn, Bowling, L. Clark, Lile, Crenshaw, Jenkins, Marzian, Palumbo, Scorsone

Expansion of statutory provisions related to victim advocates

HB 406

Reps. Mary Lou Marzian (D, 34), Joni Jenkins (D, 44), Jon Ackerson (R, 47), Bill Lile (R, 28)

Access to sex offender presentencing investigation reports by mental health professionals conducting court-ordered assessments

HB 495

Reps. Joni Jenkins (D, 44), Mary Lou Marzian (D, 34) and 12 cosponsors

Creation of Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program


SB 264

Sen. David Karem (D, 35)

Creation of Governor’s Office of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services

HB 142

Rep. Thomas J. Burch (D, 30)

Child protection legislation, including consideration of domestic violence as factor in termination of parental rights

HB 455

Reps. Michael D. Bowling (D, 87), Adkins, Bratcher, Bruce, Callahan, Clark, Ford, C. Geveden, J. Gooch, J. Haydon, S. Johns, J. Lee, J. Lovell, H. Moberly, R. Murgatroyd, S. Nunn, T. Pope, J. Richards, S. Riggs, A. Simpson, J. Stacy, G. Stumbo, T. Turner, M. Weaver, Yonts

Governor’s Omnibus Crime Bill

HB 544

Rep. Michael D. Bowling (D, 87) and 16 cosponsors

Authorization for pilot family courts in multiple jurisdictions


SB 116

Sen. Marshall Long (D, 20)

Strengthening of statutory victim notification provisions

SB 263

Sen. Robert Stivers (R, 25)

Omnibus Sex Offense Bill

HB 3

Rep. Robert Damron (D, 39)

Prohibition of insurance discrimination in domestic violence cases


HB 322

Rep. Jim Wayne (D, 35) and 11 cosponsors

Safety and security at universities

HB 427

Reps. Steve Nunn (R, 23), K. Stein, K. Bratcher, T. Burch, R. Crimm, J. Gooch, J. Jenkins, S. Johns, T. McKee, S. Westrom

Establishment of Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; expansion of training mandates related to domestic violence and rape

HB 448

Rep. Joni Jenkins (D, 44) and 15 cosponsors

Creation of rape crisis centers in statute as regional primary service providers


SB 58

Sens. Robert Stivers (R, 25), Katie Stine (R, 24)

Legislation for a constitutional amendment to allow establishment of family courts

HB 1

Rep. Jody Richards (D, 20)

Creation of crime of terroristic threatening

HB 124

Rep. Gregory D. Stumbo (D, 95)

Creation of Office of Women’s Physical and Mental Health in Cabinet for Health and Family Services


SB 25

Sen. Dan Kelly (R, 14)

Sex offense bill, date-rape drugs, trafficking

SB 26

Sen. Dan Kelly (R, 14)

Amendment to violent offender statute, including application to rape cases

SB 89

Sen. Marshall Long (D, 20)

Notification to victims for attempt to purchase firearms

HB 130

Rep. Jimmie Lee (D, 25)

Creation of crime of video voyeurism

HB 308

Reps. Kathy Stein (D, 75), Joni Jenkins (D, 44)

Reimbursement for sexual assault nurse examiners

HB 428

Reps. Rob Wilkey (D, 22), John Vincent (R, 100)

Creation of stalking protective orders


HB 263

Rep. Gross C. Lindsay (D, 11)

Amendments to Kentucky Rules of Evidence, including expansion of the rape shield law to civil cases

HB 380

Rep. Jody Richards (D, 20)

Creation of statutory structure for family courts

Governor Ernest Fletcher (2003–2007)


SB 138

Sen. Julie Denton (R, 36)

Creation of Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Fund within Crime Victim Compensation Board

SB 145

Sens. Damon Thayer (R, 17), Jack Westwood (R, 23)

Creation of crime of indecent exposure

HB 108

Reps. Robert Damron (D, 39), R. Adams, R. Adkins, A. Arnold, E. Ballard, J. Barrows, K. Bratcher, B. Buckingham, J. Callahan, M. Cherry, L. Clark, P. Clark, J. Coleman, H. Collins, T. Edmonds, C. Embry Jr., B. Farmer, D. Ford, J. Gooch, D. Graham, J. Gray, K. Hall, M. Harmon, C. Hoffman, S. Lee, P. Marcotte, L. Napier, R. Nelson, F. Nesler, D. Pasley, R. Rand, J. Richards, S. Riggs, A. Simpson, D. Sims, A. Smith, R. Thomas, T. Thompson, C. Walton, M. Weaver, R. Webb, R. Wilkey, B. Yonts

Creation of crime of fetal homicide


HB 298

Reps. Jimmie Lee (D, 25), T. Feeley, J. Barrows, C. Belcher, T. Burch, L. Clark, J. Crenshaw, M. Denham, W. Hall, J. Jenkins, M. Marzian, T. McKee, R. Meeks, H. Moberly Jr., R. Nelson, S. Nunn, R. Palumbo, J. Richards, T. Riner, K. Stein, T. Thompson, M. Weaver

Elder abuse; established KRS 209A, including designating domestic violence programs as regional primary service providers


SB 38

Sen. Damon Thayer (R, 17)

Amendments to justification/self-protection statute


SB 43

Sens. David Boswell (D, 8), W. Blevins Jr., P. Clark, D. Harper Angel, J. Rhoads, D. Roeding, E. Scorsone, T. Shaughnessy, J. Westwood

Human trafficking; creation of Division on Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking in Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Governor Steven L. Beshear (2008–2012, 2012–2016)


SB 151

Sen. Robert Stivers (R, 21)

Creation of statutory prohibition on polygraphing rape victims


HB 315

Reps. Johnny Bell (D, 23), W. Stone, R. Adams, H. Collins, L. Combs, W. Coursey, R. Damron, T. Edmonds, K. Flood, K. Hall, R. Henderson, J. Jenkins, D. Keene, T. McKee, R. Meeks, B. Montell, F. Nesler, D. Osborne, R. Palumbo, J. Richards, C. Rollins II, A. Simpson, D. Sims, A. Smith, G. Stumbo, T. Thompson, T. Turner, D. Watkins, S. Westrom

Creation of crime of using the Internet and social media to stalk or commit sex offenses


SB 17

Sens. Julie Denton (R, 36), Denise Harper Angel (D, 35), Perry Clark (D, 37), Gerald Neal (D, 37)

Increased penalties for rape of incarcerated persons


HB 1

Reps. Gregory D. Stumbo (D, 95), R. Palumbo, R. Weston, R. Adams, R. Adkins, M. Cherry, L. Clark, H. Collins, W. Coursey, J. Crenshaw, R. Crimm, R. Damron, M. Denham, M. Dossett, T. Edmonds, T. Firkins, K. Flood, J. Greer, K. Hall, R. Henderson, C. Hoffman, J. Hoover, D. Horlander, D. Keene, M. King, Ji. Lee, T. McKee, C. Miller, S. Overly, D. Owens, D. Pasley, J. Richards, S. Riggs, T. Riner, S. Santoro, K. Sinnette, A. Smith, J. Stacy, F. Steele, K. Stevens, W. Stone, T. Thompson, D. Watkins, S. Westrom, B. Yonts

Amanda Ross Domestic Violence Prevention Act

HB 500

Reps. Kevin Sinnette (D, 100), M. Rader, R. Palumbo, T. Riner, S. Santoro, F. Steele, J. Tilley, A. Wuchner

Use of qualified medical professionals to conduct forensic rape examinations


HB 308

Reps. Robert Damron (D, 39), R. Adams, W. Coursey, D. Keene, T. Mills, R. Rand, A. Simpson, B. Yonts

national instant background checks upon attempt to purchase firearms for persons involuntarily committed

HB 463

Rep. John Tilley (D, 8)

Reform of criminal justice system; including primary focus on drug offenses


No substantial legislation related to domestic violence, rape, or stalking passed

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