Hawks on Hawks

Hawks on Hawks

Joseph McBride

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9780813142623

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Howard Hawks (1896–1977) is the most versatile of all the great American directors, having worked with equal ease and brilliance in screwball comedies, Westerns, gangster movies, musicals, and adventure films. Hawks on Hawks draws on interviews Joseph McBride conducted with the director over the course of the last seven years of his life, giving rare insight into Hawks’s artistic philosophy, his relationships with some of the major figures in Hollywood, and his position in an industry that was rapidly changing. Both an account of Hawks’s life and work and a guide to his insights on how to make movies, the book features the director’s refreshing candor as he gives pithy and often witty assessments of his own films, the work of other filmmakers, and his collaborators.