Pola NegriHollywood's First Femme Fatale

Pola NegriHollywood's First Femme Fatale

Mariusz Kotowski

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9780813144887

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Pola Negri: Hollywood's First Femme Fatale chronicles the career of one of the most prominent silent-era actresses. Born in Poland, Pola Negri begins her acting career in Germany under the direction of Max Reinhardt and Ernst Lubitsch. The door is quickly opened for international success, and she soon becomes the first European star to move to Hollywood. There, Negri makes her way to the top and achieves superstar status, becoming a fan favorite through the mix of her beauty, acting talent, and diva personality. She is the original “femme fatale” and a role model for women all over the world. Negri steals the hearts not only of the audience but also of the greatest Hollywood actors of her time. She breaks the heart of her fiancé Charlie Chaplin and gets her own heart broken by the death of her lover and fiancé Rudolph Valentino. Always surrounding herself with luxury she blazes the trail for the modern celebrity lifestyle. The political turmoil of the early twentieth century contributes to her frequent moves between the United States and Europe, moves that enrich her acting style and make her an international symbol of success. Always the queen of social circles, Negri embraces the changing times with ease and grace, seamlessly transitioning from the silent era into talkies. This book delves into the scandals and drama surrounding the beginnings of Hollywood and sheds light on many prominent film-industry personalities of the time.