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Elusive Stardom

Elusive Stardom

(p.152) 3 Elusive Stardom
Harry Langdon
Gabriella OldhamMabel Langdon
University Press of Kentucky

Chapter 3 highlights the demise of Langdon’s successful acting career. When Langdon began directing his own films, this led to his downfall. His work as a director received less than rave reviews from critics, and audiences began to abandon him. The introduction of sound in films also contributed to the collapse of Langdon’s career. This chapter shows that despite his sinking popularity and the end of silent films, Langdon persevered and continued to act, write, and direct. However, other personal and professional setbacks, including his second divorce, ultimately prevented a full comeback and a return to his former status as a comedic genius.

Keywords:   Voice of Hollywood, Harry Langdon, Hal Roach, First National, talkies, silent films

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