Dying to EatCross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife

Dying to EatCross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife

Candi K. Cann

Print publication date: 2018

ISBN: 9780813174693

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


In Dying to Eat: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Food, Death, and the Afterlife, Candi K. Cann examines the role of food in dying, death, bereavement, and the afterlife. The coeditors seek to illuminate on the intersection of food and death in various cultures as well as fill an overlooked scholarly niche. Dying to Eat offers a multi-cultural perspective from contributors examining Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Latin American, European, Middle Eastern and American rituals and customs surrounding death and food. The contributors discuss a wide array of topics, including the role of death in the Islamic Sufi approach to food, the intersection of Buddhism, Catholicism, and Shamanism, as well as the role of casseroles and church cookbooks in the American South. The collection will provide not only food for thought on the subject of death and afterlife, but also theories, methods, recipes, and instructions on how and why food is used in dying, death, mourning, and afterlife rituals and practices in different cultural and religious contexts.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Dining with the Dead

3 Sweetening Death

Candi K. Cann

Part 2 Eating After: Food and Drink in Bereavement and Remembrance

5 The Circle of Life

Lacy K. Crocker and Gordon Fuller

6 Moroccan Funeral Feasts

David Oualaalou