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(p.1) Introduction
(p.iii) Fourteen Points for the Twenty-First Century
Richard H. ImmermanJeffrey A. Engel
University Press of Kentucky

This section introduces readers to Woodrow Wilson and the magnitude of the global problems he faced as World War I raged—eventually with formal American participation—with no clear end in sight. More than a statement of war aims, Wilson’s Fourteen Points were a full-throated call for a new world order, one capable of surmounting the inherent problems that had plagued society and international affairs for generations. So profound were Wilson’s words and so great his legacy that historians no longer ask whether subsequent presidents were or were not Wilsonian in their foreign policies and worldviews. We ask how Wilsonian were they? The introduction also previews the fourteen solutions humbly offered in Wilson’s honor for our own times.

Keywords:   Woodrow Wilson, World War I, Fourteen Points, Wilsonianism, nationalism, internationalism, American foreign policy, presidents of the United States, Bolshevism

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