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The State of the Future

The State of the Future

The Revival of Social Democracy and Liberal Governance

(p.42) 2 The State of the Future
Fourteen Points for the Twenty-First Century
Andrew Preston
University Press of Kentucky

This chapter calls for a renewal of social democracy in the United States, in line with the successes of other more Wilsonian states around the world. The author chronicles the creation and development of the nation-state to explain its importance in governance, as well as some of the ways American governance is failing to live up to the promises of its history and potential. The chapter proposes that government is not the problem but can instead be part of the solution. Relating this idea to the Trump administration, the author concludes by arguing that reassessing the state’s role and purpose in society can promote American democracy, prosperity, and security.

Keywords:   state system, United States, nation-state, Donald Trump, governance, social democracy

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