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International Migration

International Migration

A Defining Feature of the Twenty-First-Century Global Era

(p.239) 11 International Migration
Fourteen Points for the Twenty-First Century
James F. Hollifield
University Press of Kentucky

This chapter investigates contemporary international migration patterns and the role of migration in the formation and sustenance of modern states. The author weighs the different options for immigration policy and control and concludes that the legal system for migration should be fixed and should treat immigrants respectfully. He argues that we need a system that facilitates the humane and orderly movement of individuals and families. This new migration regime should promote not only development but also security. Beyond the obvious humanitarian and moral imperatives, a humane immigration system is a public good, and the global community must come together to establish guidelines to improve the process for all parties involved.

Keywords:   international migration, immigration, security, nationalism, nativism, border policy, human rights, migration

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