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Hacked but Don’t Know It

Hacked but Don’t Know It

Confronting the Cybersecurity Challenge

(p.261) 12 Hacked but Don’t Know It
Fourteen Points for the Twenty-First Century
Frederick R. Chang
University Press of Kentucky

This chapter discusses cybersecurity in an era when everyone is constantly using the Internet. It highlights the importance of research to ensure that information stays safe while users are on the Internet. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are proposed as possible avenues to securing cyberspace. However, much is still unknown, and collaboration among individuals in different fields is important to advance the research in cybersecurity. The author calls for greater investment in the training of future cyberpractitioners at all levels of expertise.

Keywords:   cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Internet, computer hacking, future of democracy

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