Return to Nature?An Ecological Counterhistory

Return to Nature?An Ecological Counterhistory

Fred Dallmayr

Print publication date: 2012

ISBN: 9780813134338

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky


Sustainability has become a compelling topic of domestic and international debate as the world searches for effective solutions to accumulating ecological problems. This book demonstrates how nature has been marginalized, colonized, and abused in the modern era. Although nature was regarded as a matrix that encompassed all beings in premodern and classical thought, modern Western thinkers tend to disregard this original unity, essentially exiling nature from human life. By means of a philosophical counterhistory leading from Spinoza to Dewey and beyond, the book traces successive efforts to correct this tendency. Grounding the text in a holistic relationism that reconnects humanity with ecology, this book pleads for the reintroduction of nature into contemporary philosophical discussion and sociopolitical practice. This book unites learning, intelligence, sensibility, and moral passion to offer a multifaceted history of philosophy with regard to our place in the natural world. This book's visionary writings provide an informed foundation for environmental policy and represent an impassioned call to reclaim nature in our everyday lives.